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Sinitta is back with this storming update of one of the biggest club hits of all time, Touch Me. Sinitta is one of the best loved 80's divas who is never off the TV in the UK and of course is often to be seen with the one and only Simon Cowell. She returned to music last year with the camp and fun remake of her Mothers hit single "So Many Men, So Little Time", which she performed to a huge crowd at Pride London in Trafalgar Sq, as well as appearing on TV and Radio all over the UK. 
This record is a bit more serious, but still a massive bundle of pop fun, and it suits Sinitta like a well fitted palm leaf. The cover has already caused a major UK newspaper to feature it with mock disgust, but when you have a body as good as hers would you not ask people to "Touch Me".

Sinitta (Touch Me) CD Single

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